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My watch from came in today, and it was worth every penny. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm sure I'll never buy another watch as long as I live. I could even pass this down to future female relatives, such as a daughter or granddaughter, but I'm not even married so I'm really jumping forward in time. If you ever run into Rebecca Nuell at a craft show, I definitely think you should get yourself something she offers. As for customer service, she's great in person but extremely difficult to get ahold of otherwise.

I have a new job! I had been babysitting my step-brothers for their mother while she worked, but because I'm officially a substitute teacher, I had to give my notice. I can't say I regret it terribly, because even though I love my brothers, I'm not a fan of their mom...

You're thinking that's typical, but I really liked her at first. I had heard a lot of horrible things about her before I started babysitting for her. She was a liar, a backstabber, a gold digger, and lots of bad things, but she was always as nice to me as she could be. Sweet as saccharine and just as fake. My brothers started telling me their mom never had a nice thing to say about me. If she didn't like me, that's fine, but why would she leave her children with someone she doesn't like or trust? That's as crazy as locking your husband's children in the basement while he's at work! I had been warned repeatedly not to get involved with this woman but silly me, I didn't listen. Now I know better. I'm told she's going around telling people that I 'up and quit' on her, even though I gave her plenty of notice. Then she started talking about my mother quitting her job so she can sit on her butt all day and spend my step-dad's money. My mom quit her job to start her own business, but from what I understand of this woman's reputation, she marries men to get hold of their money and property, quits her own job that she barely held for more than a few months, and then kicks them out, even going as far as filing restraining orders (yes, while living in the same house and sharing a dinner table) against these men. Black Widow comes to mind. Not a good environment for children. I'm sure it could be a lot worse. Two things I've learned about work - Don't work for or hire friends, don't work for or hire family (especially in-laws!) and don't work for your step-brother's mother when absolutely no one in a town of 5000 has a nice thing to say about her. You just might regret it. Still, I think the choice of jobs was pretty clear. Make $200 a month from a woman who stresses you out by being somewhat of a psychopath or $1000 a month using your college education?

Someone commissioned me to make Neopets staves and wands, so I'll be putting up pictures of those hopefully soon.

And gaming! If you like text-based games, I strongly recommend keeping at eye on That game is going to be all sorts of awesome.
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