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[10 Mar 2009|07:08pm]
I had a pretty productive day! I got my art studio cleaned up. Three bags of trash left that place. And I unearthed some spiders. Gross. But eh, I still got it cleaned up and now all that's left is organization.

Something got in there, though. I'm thinking a raccoon. I had a collectable Gohan figurine and in the entire studio, the ONLY thing opened was that figurine. COME ON, NATURE. WHAT THE HECK? Oh well, if I cared as much about it as I thought I did, it wouldn't have been in my disgusting art studio.

Moon Prism is currently overtaking my dining room, so now that my art studio is clean, it's going to be slowly moved back out. I had just finished cleaning when it started raining. It was about time, since the sky was dark all day. Then suddenly it was black and it got really scary! It was 80F today and then tonight it will be 20F. That's... stupid. Good job, Missouri.

Now that things are settled down, I need to make a video! Check out my youtube channel if you haven't already! http://www.youtube.com/missmalloryevans
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[07 Mar 2009|07:19pm]
For a while, I'd been pretty sick, but things are going really well right now. Today was my cousin Joey's (the guy from my youtube videos) birthday and my aunt Bobbi is sick in the hospital, so I went to visit my aunt for a couple hours, and then I went and ate a whole bunch of cheesy potatoes at my cousin's party. My aunt Micki makes some wicked potatoes. After the party, my cousin Alicia brought me home and here I am.

Tomorrow, I need to clean my room. The temperature is going to drop again and I don't want to have to use my space heater, so I'm just going to put 300 quilts on my bed. Yay! Then I have orders going out on Monday!

I have many new items coming within the next couple of months. Firstly, I'm making Eternal Sailor Moon's tier, and the star locket. I'm also doing a fun little side project where I'm using some sparkly stuff to make Sailor Mercury's crystal henshin wand. That's all coming up pretty soon!
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[09 Dec 2008|05:36pm]
Hey everyone! I have cleaned up the website quite a bit. Soon I'll be putting up all the pictures of my models on the item description pages, and then I'm going to be adding in the misc. items that I've been tinkering with. I'm going to be adding more anime and manga sections up, as soon as I get some commissions, as well as video games and movies. Just whatever!
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[21 Jun 2007|11:05am]
[ mood | awake ]

Even though everyone pretty much voted on me doing a page for each item, it's beginning to make more sense for me to do a page per senshi. There are too many miscelleaneous items, or items that would only go on one page alone. I'm starting with Sailor Moon and ending with... Here are the pages to come...


I should have a free moment to work on these this weekend, but I'm pretty backed up with orders right now, and getting those shipped out is my first priority.

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[03 May 2007|04:47pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It's been a million years since I updated! I'm doing a ton of updating and I'd like to have it all done by Sunday. I would love to have suggestions!

Also, if there are things you would like to see, feel free to comment. I haven't yet figured out how to enable commenting on my site, but you can head over to http://adamiata.livejournal.com and leave any commission requests if you would rather do that than email me!

Please take the poll, Sailor Moon cosplayers! I want to know exactly how you would like to see the site, even if you have no intention of ever buying anything! The more I know what people like to see, the better this site will be :)

I'll be adding a lot more items soon. Galaxia's wig (the only one I'll ever make) will be on soon, as well as Jack Sparrow wigs, Imperium Silver Crystal (gizuishou), and even Eternal Sailor Moon's wings... But there's more than that coming, which is why I want to see how everyone wants the site!

How should I redo the cosplay section?

I like how it is now.
I want to see each senshi have their own page.
Each item on a page of its own (tiaras.html, wands.html) etc.


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Adventures In Substituting >001 [27 Nov 2006|04:34pm]
Today was my first day substitute teaching. I woke up at 2AM and couldn't get back to sleep, so I watched a couple Stargate SG-1 episodes I have recorded and got ready for work. Yes, extremely early. Before I went in, I ran to the store to grab something to drink. Usually I get vitamin C fruit smoothies for immunity support, but this time I opted to get the blueberry and blackberry fruit smoothie. Well, it made me sick. Luckily, the class I was in had an aide so I could go to the bathroom when I needed. I asked if we were allowed to use cell phones and the lady I worked with said yeah, only students weren't allowed to have them. Common sense would dictate that you don't just sit in class and chitchat on your cell phone with your students there. I'm mostly smart, so I knew that. When lunch came along, I went to the bathroom and I had my cell phone in my hand. I wasn't going to use it, I was just holding it. I sat down on the couch (Yes, the girls bathroom has a couch!) and was waiting for my stomach to stop cramping up. Stupid smoothie. A teacher came in and walked passed me but then backed up and shouted at me, "You aren't supposed to have a cell phone!" I was surprised, and felt stupid because I thought it was okay, and I said "Oh, really? I didn't know." all shy-like, because I'm like that. She said "Oh yes you did," and took my phone away from me. I said, "No, I really didn't." and she got really mean and said "Is this your first year in school or something?" and at that point I was thinking "Wow, this is the biggest jerk I've ever met in my entire life, and I've met more than my share of jerks." I didn't even know how to answer her question. She was actually heading to the office with my cell phone and holding onto my arm to turn me in. I was frightened! Then while I was shoveling through random facts in my brain for an answer to her previous question, she asked "What grade are you in?" and I said "I'm not a student. I'm a substitute teacher. I'm 23 years old." I stuttered this, mind you. She then let go of my arm and backed up enough to see that I was indeed wearing an ID badge stating that I'm a substitute teacher. She gave me my phone back and apologised, and said it's best to talk on cell phones in the classroom with the door shut on breaks. After I told her my name, she remembered me from one of her classes. I only had her as a teacher for half a semester. She was really nice when I had her, even with all of the punk delinquents I shared a class with, she was never mean to any of them like she was to me when she thought I was a student today. It was just a misunderstanding, but boy am I glad I'm not a student. After that, the day got better. My stomach never did stop hurting. The students were mostly really good, a couple a bit hyper, but there was one that was downright disturbing. He kept talking about going on shooting sprees, saying he wanted to kill people. etc. I didn't really know how to react to it. I asked the class if he did that when the regular teacher was there, and they said he did it all the time and the regular teacher would just tell him to be quiet. I just wrote on the comment slip to the teacher that he was talking about killing people.

I really enjoyed that and I hope to do it more often. Now I'm tired and want to eat a hot dog and go to sleep.
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[24 Nov 2006|03:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My watch from http://www.rebeccanuell.com came in today, and it was worth every penny. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm sure I'll never buy another watch as long as I live. I could even pass this down to future female relatives, such as a daughter or granddaughter, but I'm not even married so I'm really jumping forward in time. If you ever run into Rebecca Nuell at a craft show, I definitely think you should get yourself something she offers. As for customer service, she's great in person but extremely difficult to get ahold of otherwise.

I have a new job! I had been babysitting my step-brothers for their mother while she worked, but because I'm officially a substitute teacher, I had to give my notice. I can't say I regret it terribly, because even though I love my brothers, I'm not a fan of their mom...
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Someone commissioned me to make Neopets staves and wands, so I'll be putting up pictures of those hopefully soon.

And gaming! If you like text-based games, I strongly recommend keeping at eye on http://miriani.lisdude.com That game is going to be all sorts of awesome.

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[01 Nov 2006|12:53am]
As a lot of you know, Moon Prism (this website) officially started selling tiaras and other cosplay items on November 18, 2002. To celebrate four years, you pay no shipping on anything! The prices are automatically set at the base price for things, no shipping included. Some people have said they're having trouble with PayPal's cart feature randomly adding items to the cart and then refusing to remove them. If you have that problem, feel free to email me!
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[20 Oct 2006|11:32am]
Happy birthday normal_for_now! A little late due to Internet malfunctions, but here we go.

I've been quite busy lately. The first page of the site is done, as you can see, but the rest still has work to be done. Last weekend, I was in Eminence for a big craft show. This is only the second time I've gone to help my mother sell her candles, and last year, there was a booth with the most beautiful handmade jewelry I've ever seen. I wanted some. It was expensive but so pretty and durable, and best of all, custom. You can visit the website at http://www.rebeccanuell.com and look at the jewelry she has available online. The pictures seriously don't do her work justice. I paid for a watch while I was down there and since she did't have the supplies she needed to make it, she's going to ship it to me for free. That's brilliant.

I went to Rolla with my best friend for his birthday. We went and saw a movie and then headed to dinner. We were seated at Kyoto, but that was all. Our drink orders were never taken, and the waitress that seated us even cleaned off the table next to us without even glancing at us. Needless to say we left, but not after telling the person who appeared to be the head waiter what happened. After that, we went to Da Vinci's and dinner there was fantastic. The waitress was lovely and the food was great, so I definitely suggest going there for a date.

In other news, I have a surprise concerning Beautiful Atrocity but I probably won't come out with it until December/January. I'm rude like that.
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[20 Sep 2006|11:03am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today I donated money to ChildHelp.org. When I sell more signed copies of my book, I will make another donation. I hope someday to be able to donate thousands of dollars to organizations I believe in.

I need to have my website redone to make it a little more easy to navigate. I have finals this week, and then next week, I'm doing work on a new house. Well, a very old house, but new to me. Sort of. A good friend of mine grew up there, and his mom got married and lives elsewhere, so me and my friend are staying in the house. We're fixing it up to look brand new, so I will be very busy these next few weeks. I have two papers to write, four final exams to take, a project, and three seminars, and I'm done with this term!

I've made Jack Sparrow wigs with bandanas and charms and have been listing them on eBay, but they are so popular that I think listing them on Moon Prism would be a good idea. I think today, after I finish one of my final papers, I'll start making some changes to the site to have the wigs added here. Be on the lookout!

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[21 Aug 2006|07:56am]
Today is the beginning of a brand new day! Most mornings are, but this one is different! This one is *special*. Why? Well, that's a good question! Because I'm actually up at a decent hour. I'm waiting on a friend to come over so we can go for a walk at the track. Really, I'd love nothing more than to go back to sleep and do this another day, which I knew I would, and that's exactly why I asked her to come along. I have almost no willpower, but when I feel like I'm doing something for someone else, I can pretty much do anything. I wonder why that is.

My first thought when I woke up this morning, besides "Why is my stupid alarm going off? Oh yeah, I have things to do..." was that I should change the design of tiaras. I've been doing it roughly the same way for four years now. The cut is the same and the way the design is put on is the same, but I've retired using hair clips glued to the sides (thankfully) as well as small jewels. I really like the new jewels I use, even if they are a lot more expensive than the other kind. Quality, not quantity, I say. Though you can't go wrong with both.

My mother and I have decided to attempt making costumes. I'm a seamstress by no means. I remember my 8th grade home ec class with Mrs. Loman. She was so scary that I cried before class one day because I knew she was going to yell at me. We all made ourseilves a pair of shorts, and I got a D- on mine. I couldn't believe she gave me such an awful grade, until about an hour later when my shorts fell apart completely.

Anyway... Amber is here.
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[12 Aug 2006|11:39pm]
It's pretty lame that people assume I'm male just because my name is Mallory, and I've written a book.
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[26 Jul 2006|01:08am]
I have lots up for auction on eBay right now. I hear it's cosplay season so I'm quick shipping just about everything. Big stuff will take a bit.


I sure am getting a lot of demand for the second book.
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[21 Jul 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Yay! My friend lisdude just taught me how to embed journals into websites, so now all of my visitors get to listen to me act like a jerk. Or something like that. My book has gotten a lot of positive feedback and I've been asked to write a sequel. I had planned to write one anyway, but I've decided to go ahead and write a trilogy. I think I have some fantastic ideas for another two books under the Beautiful Atrocity title!

Anyway, this is the new Message From Mallory section, as well as the news. That cuts down on some space, not that that's important, but it kills two birds with one stone. Poor birds.

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